Sex World (stylized as SexWorld) is a 1977 American pornographic science fiction film directed by Anthony Spinelli and written by Spinelli and Dean Rogers, from a story by Spinelli. It stars Annette Haven, Lesllie Bovee, Sharon Thorpe, Desiree West, and Amber Hunt. The film primarily takes place at a fictional resort known as Sex World, where individuals can live out their secret sexual desires and overcome their inhibitions with the help of android sexbots.


A group of people board a charter bus headed to Sex World, a resort where individuals can stay for three days and nights, and have their sexual fantasies be fulfilled. Among the passengers are a painter named Joan Rice and her husband Jerry; a woman named Millicent and her submissive, impotent partner Ralph; and the lonely and introverted Lisa, who recalls an experience in which she wore a blonde wig and had phone sex with a stranger. The passengers are handed questionnaires and are informed that, in order to guarantee privacy, they are prohibited from fraternizing with each other at the resort.