Policing the Plains

Policing the Plains

Policing the Plains was a Canadian silent feature film produced in the years 1924-1927 by Vancouver filmmaker Arthur David "Cowboy" Kean (1882-1961) . It was an historical docudrama about the Royal North-West Mounted Police (later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), based on the 1921 book of the same name by Rev. R. G. MacBeth, a Vancouver minister and well-known popular historian.


The film depicted episodes from the first fifty years of the force's existence, including: the Cypress Hills Massacre; the force's creation and March West; its relations with First Nations peoples on the prairies; the founding of Fort Macleod; the pursuit of whisky traders; the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway; the Canadian sojourn of Sitting Bull and his followers; the Klondike Gold Rush; and modern police methods in the 1920s.