The Kick

The Kick (; ) is a 2011 Thai martial arts film, directed by Prachya Pinkaew. The film follows a Korean family of taekwondo experts who immigrate to Thailand.


Mun is a taekwondo master running an old taekwondo gym in Bangkok. All five members of his family are also taekwondo exponents, each of whom infuses the art with a particular skill: his wife Mija in cooking style, son Taeyang in dancing style, daughter Taemi in soccer style, and the youngest, Typhoon, can break anything with his strong forehead.

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    contentLocation Bangkok
    director Prachya Pinkaew
    genre action
    keywords cook kris pop singer run
    producer Gang Seong-gyu
    publisher Sahamongkol Film International
    recordedAt Thailand
    theme dance martial arts