The Sporting Venus

The Sporting Venus

The Sporting Venus is a 1925 American silent romance film directed by Marshall Neilan. The film was the second MGM release of Neilan, and starred his wife, actress Blanche Sweet, who allegedly sported the lowest waistline of 1925. This is the first of two feature films that paired Ronald Colman with Blanche Sweet, the second being His Supreme Moment, which was released in May 1925. This film is listed as being extant (surviving) at silentera database.


Lady Gwendolyn (Blanche Sweet) is an heiress in love with a medical student, Donald (Ronald Colman), despite being bespoken to foreign prince Carlos (Lew Cody).

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    director Marshall Neilan
    editor Blanche Sewell
    genre romance
    keywords medical student
    publisher Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer