Kelvikuri is a 2007 Indian Tamil thriller film directed by Jailani. The film features Jailani, Sona Heiden and Preethi Varma in lead roles, with Karikalan, Scissor Manohar, Sampath Ram, Mudhalvan Mahendran and Viji playing supporting roles. The film had a musical score by G. Sathya Prasath and was released on 30 November 2007.


The film begins with a severely injured man Bala (Jailani) sneaking into the house of the police commissioner Thirunavakkarasu (Mudhalvan Mahendran). His daughter Maya (Preethi Varma) gets ready to elope with her boyfriend. Bala makes his wife Shalini (Viji) and Maya captives with his gun and forces them to bring back Thirunavakkarasu. When Thirunavakkarasu comes home, Bala brutally attacks him and gets tied up with his chair. Bala asks him about his wife who was last seen in his police station for an enquiry. Bala then forces Thirunavakkarasu to call some of the police personals: three constables, one head constable and two sub-inspectors, to the house using the commissioner as his captive. Bala holds everyone as a hostage and starts to enquire them about the disappearance of his wife: Bala beats them up like a policeman would beat an ordinary citizen in a police lockup. The police force and the commando force surround the house.