Nirahua Chalal London

Nirahua Chalal London is a 2019 Indian Bhojpuri language action romance drama film directed by Chandra Pant and produced by Sonu Khatri with co-produced by Worldwide Records under banner of "Pashupatinath Production". The film features Dinesh Lal Yadav in the leading role along with Amrapali Dubey while Sunil Thapa, Santosh Mishra, Manoj Tiger, Gopal Rai, Santosh Pahalwan, Shushma Adhikari, Sonu Khatri, Ram Magar, Sabin Sheshtha and Maya Yadav also appear in supporting roles. Sambhavna Seth made a special appearance in the song "Pandit Ji Ka Beta Hai".


The story begins from a village where Nirahua's father wants to get his son married but Nirahua is not ready for marriage. In London, where Chandrasekhar lives with his entire family, he also has a daughter named Julie. Julie is harassed by a villan named Prabhat for forcibly married. Fed up with Prabhat's threats, Chandrasekhar decides Julie's marriage to Vishambhar Singh's son, but Vishambhar's mother has a condition that the girl knows Indian culture and music and Julie goes to India to learn music. Where he meets Nirahua, who is a famous singer and he teaches Julie the music. Nirahua falls in love with Julie at first sight and expresses her love to Julie but Julie refuses him and says that her marriage is fixed. But gradually Julie also falls in love with Nirahua. When Chandrasekhar comes to know, he immediately summons Julie to London. Nirahua wants to go to London to marry Julie and also apply for a passport, but does not get passport and is frustrated. There is a TV program in London in which Nirahua performs and he likes Vishambhar and his mother very much and they invite Nirahua to London where Nirahua performs in Julie's engagement, Julie is happy to see Nirahua in London. When Vishambhar comes to know that Julie and Nirahua love each other, they get angry and make attack for kill Nirahua but Nirahua escapes from them. Then Prabhat follows them but Chandrasekhar shoots Prabhat and accepts Nirahua and Julie's wedding and that's the story of "Nirhua Chalal London".