Liar Liar is a 1997 American comedy film, directed by Tom Shadyac and written by Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur. It stars Jim Carrey as a lawyer who built his entire career on lying but finds himself cursed to speak only the truth for a single day, during which he struggles to maintain his career and to reconcile with his ex-wife and son whom he alienated with his pathological lying.


Fletcher Reede is a lawyer and divorced father living in Los Angeles. He loves spending time with his young son, Max; they often play a game where Fletcher makes his hand into "the Claw", with which he tickles Max and pretends to chase him. However, Fletcher has a habit of giving precedence to his career, breaking promises to Max and his ex-wife, Audrey, and then lying about the reasons. Fletcher's compulsive lying has also built him a reputation as a successful defense lawyer at his firm. On Max's birthday, Fletcher misses his party when senior partner Miranda lures him to get promoted by having sex in the office. Max makes a birthday wish that Fletcher would be unable to tell a lie for an entire day—a wish that immediately becomes true.