Galpo Holeo Satti

Galpo Holeo Satti

Galpo Holeo Satti is a 1966 comedic Bengali film directed by Tapan Singha. It stars Bhanu Banerjee, Jogesh Chatterjee, Bharati Devi, Chaya Devi, Ajoy Ganguli, Rabi Ghosh, Rudraprasad Sengupta. Later the film was remade in Hindi as Bawarchi, starring Rajesh Khanna in the title role which was remade in Tamil as Samayalkaaran and in Kannada twice as Sakala Kala Vallabha and No 73, Shanthi Nivasa.


A new servant arrives in a family which is suffering from internal tension. The new servant, whose identity is itself under suspicion, gradually becomes lovable to all of the family members including the old ailing family head. The story unravels how this new man in their life helps each of the family members to find out new meaning in their individual lives as well as find out the happiness of a close-knit family.

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    contentLocation Kolkata
    director Tapan Sinha
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords end happen suffer