White Cradle Inn

White Cradle Inn

White Cradle Inn is a 1947 British drama film directed by Harold French and starring Madeleine Carroll, Ian Hunter, and Michael Rennie. It was released as High Fury in the U.S.; and filmed on location in Switzerland and at Shepperton Studios. In Switzerland after the Second World War, a French evacuee boy wants to stay there rather than return home, leading to a moral dilemma.


The White Cradle Inn and its estates lie in a picturesque valley in the Swiss Alps. For generations it has been the property of the family of innkeeper Magda (Madeleine Carroll), who now lives there with her philandering husband Rudolph (Michael Rennie).


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    director Harold French
    editor Bert Bates
    genre drama
    keywords climb fall swiss alps
    musicBy Bernard Grun
    producer Ivor McLaren
    productionCompany Peak Films
    publisher British Lion Films