Khalaas is a 2008 Maldivian erotic horror thriller film directed by Ahmed Nimal. Produced by Ali Seezan under C-Xanal Movies, the film stars Ali Seezan, Mariyam Afeefa and Nadhiya Hassan in pivotal roles.


Faya (Ali Seezan) and Sara (Mariyam Afeefa), a newly married couple relocate themselves to Sri Lanka and they experience strange horrific incidences within the house they live in. Faya bumps into a girl Reena (Nadhiya Hassan) who intentionally drops her wallet, inviting him to her house where they share intimacy. He stays all night with her while a scared Sara is encountered with a supernatural force. She wakes up the next morning while being admitted in the hospital and Faya promises her never to leave her side again.