Too Young to Love

Too Young to Love

Too Young to Love is a 1959 British drama film directed by Muriel Box and starring Pauline Hahn, Joan Miller, and Austin Willis. It was based on the play Pickup Girl by Elsa Shelley.


In juvenile court, 15-year-old Elizabeth (Pauline Hahn) recounts her story (in flashback) before the judge. Elizabeth lives with her working mother in New York while her father is away working in California. Elizabeth's tale is one of parental neglect and lack of guidance. She gets in with "the wrong crowd". After an affair with a sailor, she has an abortion and is eventually arrested for teenage prostitution. The judge (Thomas Mitchell) is sympathetic, but Elizabeth's fate hangs in the balance.

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    contentLocation New York
    director Muriel Box
    editor Jean Barker
    genre drama
    keywords arrest
    musicBy Edmund Crispin
    producer Herbert Smith Sydney Box
    productionCompany Welbeck Films Ltd.
    publisher J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors
    theme legal legal drama