Bolívar, una lucha admirable (English: Bolívar, an admirable fight), or simply Bolívar, is a Colombian Spanish-language historical drama television series created by Juana Uribe, based on the life of Venezuelan liberator Simón Bolívar. The series stars Luis Gerónimo Abreu as Bolívar as an adult, José Ramón Barreto as Bolívar as a young man, Irene Esser as Bolívar's wife María Teresa del Toro, and Shany Nadan as his lover Manuela Sáenz. Maximiliano Gómez stars as Bolívar as a child. It was released on Netflix worldwide, except for Colombia, on 21 June 2019, followed by its debut in Colombia on Caracol Televisión on 18 September 2019.


The story begins with Simón Bolívar as a soldier rousing his comrades who have grown weary in the fight for independence, before flashing back to his wedding day in Spain and again to his childhood. A young Simón enjoys all the luxuries of a criollo life until his mother, then grandfather, die, leaving his future in the hands of a maternal uncle who wants to take the Bolívar fortune as his own. Simón, an active child, finds it hard to respond to traditional tutelage and is put under the care of a rebel, watching as the Spanish crown punishes dissenters. As he ages into young adulthood, he initially joins the military, but finds more success as a statesman, and travels to Spain to both further his education and seek the title afforded his name.