Kentucky Rifle

Kentucky Rifle is a 1955 American Western movie starring a buckskin-clad Chill Wills and featuring Cathy Downs, Sterling Holloway and Henry Hull, involving smuggling a wagon filled with rifles past American Indian tribes already aware of the subterfuge. The picture was directed by Carl K. Hittleman.


The film opens with a wagon train sequence. Jason Clay is a cowboy with several cases of Kentucky Rifles heading out to California when his wagon breaks down. Unfortunately, the axle is broken as well as the wheel, forcing Clay, his mentor Tobias, and others—Lonnie Settler, Luke, Preachur Bently, Amy Connors and her boyfriend Fostner and the Hays, the wife Cordy is expecting a child. The group encounter some Indians as they scout for a piece of sturdy wood to mend their axle.