Stand Against Fear

Stand Against Fear (also called Unlikely Suspects) is a 1996 American made-for-television drama film starring Sarah Chalke as a cheerleader who takes action when she faces sexual intimidation from football players at her school. The film is a part of the Moment of Truth franchise and aired on NBC on December 16, 1996.


Krista Wilson (Sarah Chalke) is a cheerleading captain at Centennial High School who, along with other members of her squad, is subjected to sexual harassment by members of her the varsity football team, particularly captain Josh Kelly (Munro) and his buddy Nelson Doyle. When Krista's best friend Ruth, boarding a football team bus to pass out bottled water, gets manhandled badly, Krista later finds out that most of the cheerleaders have been undergoing such treatment. She reports the incident to new coach Ron Peters, who lightly talks it over with Josh, but the team captain denies it all.