Simhasanam is a 1986 Telugu-language film starring Krishna, who also directed the film. The film was simultaneously made in Hindi as Singhasan. The film is a blockbuster and broke many records in the Telugu film industry. The film is based on Janapada Katha.


The kingdom of Dasarna has a brave and able army chief by the name Vikrama Simha (Krishna). Princess Alakananda Devi (Jayapradha) is in love with him. The chief minister contrives to dethrone the king and procure the throne for his son. But as long as Vikrama Singha is present, his plans cannot bear fruit. So he traps Vikrama Singha by getting false witnesses to testify that he has tried to kill the princess. Vikrama Simha is exiled. Meanwhile, the neighbouring kingdom of Avanti has the crown prince Aditya Vardhana (Krishna), who looks exactly like Vikrama Singha, who is very jovial and tries to spend his time with Jaswanthi (Radha), a dancer who dances in the kingdom. The Queen of Avanti is not happy with this behavior of Aditya Vardhana and she tries to change his behavior and she succeeds in that. She always wanted Aditya Vardhana to marry Alakananda Devi. But when Aditya Vardhana went to hunt in the forest, he finds Chandana or Vishakanya (Mandakini) and falls in love with her. Chandana also loves him. Later after some incidents, Chandana learns that she is a Vishakanya. She tries to commit suicide, but later is saved by Vikrama Simha. He changes Chandana. Aditya Vardhana convinces Vikrama Simha to rule his kingdom till some problems in the kingdom are solved. Vikrama Simha accepts to that and later returns the throne to Aditya Vardhana. The Raja Guru of Avanti contrives to procure the throne for his son. Aditya Vardhana marries Chandana. Vikrama Simha finally foils the chief minister's plans to acquire the throne of Dasharna. Vikrama Simha marries Alakananda Devi.