Pura sangre

Pura sangre

Pura sangre ('Thoroughbred)is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Radio Caracas Television in 1994 based on the telenovela La fiera produced by the same channel in 1978 and written by Julio César Mármol.


In the town of San Rafael del Limón, the Paredes and Sarmiento are wealthy landowner families caught in an eternal war and struggle. Abraham Paredes is a selfish, greedy womanizer who only married once, but had children with several women: First, with a mute named Belinda de Sousa with whom he had a son, his first born Aarón De Sousa, second he had Anastasius who suffers from epilepsy after falling off a horse when he was a child. Lastly, Damian, Derián and Eloisa who were born from his marriage with the deceased Eloísa who died at childbirth.


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