32A is a 2007 drama film directed and written by Marian Quinn. It was shot principally in Dublin, with additional footage in Roscommon and Sligo.


The story is set in the "in-between" time of a girl's life, when she is no longer a child and not yet a woman. The film opens with its heroine, Maeve, putting on her new snow white bra, and stepping out into the world as a young woman. She has an obsession with breasts and bras and can't help but stare at other girls and women, even the head nun doesn’t escape her gaze. Otherwise, her world revolves around her three friends, Ruth, Claire and Orla, who are more experienced in the ways of the world. They wear bras already (except Claire the feminist) and they have all had boyfriends. The new bra is a start but they really hope Maeve can find a fella, even offering kissing lessons to prepare her. What no one expects, least of all Maeve, is that she should snare the local sixteen- year old heartthrob.

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    contentLocation Dublin
    director Marian Quinn
    editor Rune Schweitzer
    genre drama
    keywords dump kiss snow white trouble at home white bra young woman
    musicBy Gerry Leonard
    producer Roshanak Behesht Nedjad Tommy Weir
    productionCompany Flying Moon Janey Pictures
    theme teen drama