Ships with Wings

Ships with Wings is a 1941 British war film directed by Sergei Nolbandov and starring John Clements, Leslie Banks and Jane Baxter. When the carrier is about to be launched, Celia is told to smash the bottle against the hull really hard. This may be a reference to the actual launch of Ark Royal when it took four attempts to smash the bottle.


During the Second World War, a pilot (Clements) expelled from the British fleet air arm for imprudence has the opportunity to redeem himself when he takes part in the fight against the Germans in Greece.

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    director Sergei Nolbandov
    editor Robert Hamer
    events aviation World War II
    keywords british fleet expel fleet air arm second world war world war
    musicBy Geoffrey Wright
    producer Michael Balcon
    productionCompany Ealing Studios
    publisher United Artists
    theme war