Blessed Event

Blessed Event

Blessed Event is a 1932 American pre-Code comedy-drama film directed by Roy Del Ruth and starring Lee Tracy as a newspaper gossip columnist who becomes entangled with a gangster. The Tracy character (Alvin Roberts) was reportedly patterned after Walter Winchell, famous gossip columnist of the era. The film was Dick Powell's film debut.


Alvin Roberts (Lee Tracy) feuds with Bunny Harmon (Dick Powell), a singer. Roberts reports on society people who are expecting a "blessed event", i.e. going to have a child. One such report antagonizes a gangster in a delicate situation, who sends over a henchman to threaten him. Roberts manages to turn the tables on the gangster.

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    director Roy Del Ruth
    editor James Gibbon
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords dick powell expect
    musicBy Frank Marsales
    publisher Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
    theme gangster