War Hunt

War Hunt is a 1962 war film directed by Denis Sanders and starring John Saxon, Robert Redford and Charles Aidman. Produced by Terry Sanders for T-D Enterprises, and released by United Artists, the film features the film debuts of Sydney Pollack and Tom Skerritt and the first major role for Redford. Redford and Pollack met on the set of the film as actors.


Near the end of the Korean War, a replacement, Private Loomis, is assigned to an infantry company on the front line. One night, Loomis notices a soldier, in dark clothing and face paint, leaving camp. He learns that this is Private Endore, who routinely infiltrates enemy lines. The company's commander, Captain Pratt, allows Endore to act independently because, after many of these nighttime excursions, the soldier has returned with useful information. However, Endore is also knifing to death enemy soldiers and, as Loomis himself witnesses during a night patrol, conducts an odd circle-ritual around each of his murdered victims. The other men in the company steer clear of Endore and warn Loomis, who is prone to asking probing questions, to not "mess with that guy".