Why Me? is a 1984 made-for-television film directed by Fielder Cook and starring Glynnis O'Connor and Armand Assante.


Air Force nurse Leola Mae Harmon is about to leave the military in 1968 when her face is terribly disfigured in a car crash in which she also loses her baby while the drunk driver who caused the crash received leniency. Traumatised further when her marriage breaks up after the accident, Leola falls under the care of Air Force surgeon James Stallings. Stallings fights the service's medical bureaucracy to repair Leola's face with several radical procedures over 20 reconstructive surgeries, while Leola befriends a disfigured boy hospitalised in the same facility. Stallings and Leola also fall in love by the time Dr. Stallings's work achieves the final results for her.