Songsoptok (Shôngshôptôk) is a drama serial which aired on Bangladesh Television. It was first filmed in the year 1971, but filming was stopped after just four episodes as the liberation war started in March. After many years, filming restarted in 1988; but it was put on hold yet again after the widespread floods started. Filming was resumed after the floods ceased. It is based on the novel of the same name by Shahidullah Kaiser.


The drama depicts the lives and struggles of the inhabitants of a village called Bakulia during the British Raj. The village has two influential families- the Miyas and the Syeds.Both families share blood relations ,but they reside in two different parts of the village due to family cleavages. The Miyas have lost much of their wealth and pride,but the current head of the Miya family,Felu Miya,is determined to recoup their lost wealth via any means possible . To accomplish his goal, he uses a dangerous man named "Ramjan"as his right hand,who unleashes a web of terror in the village. He has an illegitimate child with Hurmoti ,who is shunned and ostracized by the society for producing a child without any marriage.Things begin to get worse when villagers are split over the actions taken against Hurmoti. Some say, she is a humiliation to the society for producing a child without marriage. It is later revealed that Ramjan is the father of her child.Ramjan proposes Hurmoti to marry him ,but Hurmoti angrily rejects his proposal. In retaliation, Hurmoti's face is burnt with a heated coin, but Ramjan gets unscathed . Some Villagers decide to punish Ramjan, while Ramjan continues to exploit and oppress the people of Bakulia to materialize the goal of Felu Mia. Rabu ,a member of Syed bari; Seku Master , a progressive and educated individual and Leku,a poor villager- all fight injustice of Bakulia in their own ways. But bringing a change is not as easy as it sounds.


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    director Abdullah al Mamun
    genre drama
    keywords british raj illegitimate child