Crawlspace is a 2004 animated short film, written, directed and animated by Peter Sved as his graduation piece at The Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney.


A strange man stuck in a desert wakes from his coma and goes in search of water. He discovers a lush green forest, alive with plants and animals the likes of which he could never have dreamt of. He finds a watersnake (a bizarre creature that is a snake with a human hand as its head; is made of a semi-transparent fluid; has the ability to float in air) that has been captured by a giant plant that resembles a venus flytrap, and rescues the strange creature from its clutches. In return, the creature reveals to him the secret place in the forest where water can be found.


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    director Peter Sved
    editor David Cole
    keywords capture giant plant
    musicBy Tamara O'Brien
    producer Adam Dolman
    publisher AFTRS
    theme animated animated short short