Fat Buddies is a 2018 Chinese action comedy film directed by Bao Bei'er and produced by Abe Kwong Man-Wai and Peggy Lee. The film stars Bao Bei'er, Wen Zhang, Clara Lee, and Xu Juncong. It was scheduled for release on September 30, 2018, in China. The film is the directorial debut from popular Chinese actor Bao Bei'er.


The film revolves around a pair of big-boned, bumbling cops who find themselves at the heart of a drug trafficking case. The agent “J” (Zhang Wen) was shot in the head during an A-level mission, causing damage to the intracranial hypothalamus. During the period of rehabilitating, J gradually became an obese man of three hundred pounds and suffered from severe narcolepsy, but J still considered himself a competent agent. Finally, J received the task again and went to Japan to retrieve confidential documents. After the file was obtained, J arbitrarily opened the file and decided to continue the task of hiding the organization for the organization, but he fainted in the izakaya. (The following text was removed due to improper English language translation)