Stickmen is a 2001 New Zealand film directed by Hamish Rothwell and starring Robbie Magasiva. The screenplay concerns Thomas (Paolo Rotondo), Jack (Robbie Magasiva) and Wayne (Scott Wills), who are the best of mates. Each of them lives their life the way they play pool. Thomas is either absolutely brilliant or absolutely crap. Jack is always slick, cool and forever setting up the next shot. Wayne bumbles his way through life happy to be the guy that always says the wrong thing at the wrong time. During the high-stakes underground eight-ball tournament run by Daddy (Enrico Mammarella), a Greek crime lord, they encounter a weird and wonderful collection of people on their way to compete for the big prize.


The film begins with Thomas and Wayne playing a game of pool against two English men. They almost win but Wayne loses the game on the last shot due to overconfidence. Their friend Jack then arrives. His pool playing skills come to the attention of Holden (Kirk Torrance), who remarks to the bartender Dave (John Leigh) that the three friends might be good enough to play in "Daddy's game". "Daddy's game" turns out to be an underground pool tournament run by local Greek crime lord Daddy. Each team pays $500 to enter and the winner takes away $20,000 tax free. The three of them agree to enter under the name "Stickmen".