Decker is an American comedy web series and television series created by Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington. The show is a web spinoff/tie-in to the series On Cinema at the Cinema and began on July 17, 2014. Many recurring jokes and the personas and mutual antipathies expressed by Decker and Kington carry over from the relationship of the "real" actors, Heidecker and Turkington, in On Cinema.


Decker follows the adventures of Jack Decker (Heidecker), a Jack Bauer-esque conservative CIA agent, in his attempts to defeat enemies including the Taliban, ISIS, Count Dracula, environmental science, and the inept, cowardly liberal President Jason Davidson (Joe Estevez). In his quest to save America, Decker is aided by the CIA's "master of codes", the movie-obsessed Jonathan Kington (Turkington), whose name is frequently mispronounced as either Kingston or Klington.