Baaghi (Eng: Rebel) is a drama serial that premiered on Urdu 1 on 27 July 2017. It is a biographical based TV show on the famous, controversial Pakistani figure Qandeel Baloch who was murdered by her brother in the name of honor in July 2016. The screenplay of this drama has been done by Umera Ahmed. Saba Qamar is playing the lead character of Fauzia/Qandeel in the series. Within a week of its launch, Baaghi became the most watched serial being viewed by Pakistanis on YouTube and has also been the limelight of controversies, as expected. The drama is one of the most hyped TV serials ever produced in Pakistan.


Fauzia Batool (Saba Qamar) is a beautiful young girl who lives in a village house along with her parents (Irfan Khoosat and Saba Faisal), a younger brother, a younger sister, an older brother Rahim and Rahim's wife Asma. Fauzia's older sister Nazia is married and she constantly keeps getting beaten by her husband. Fauzia keeps telling Nazia to not allow her husband to hit her which keeps enraging her brother-in-law (Nazia's husband) Fauzia is the apple of her father's eye; Fauzia's mother also loves her, however, she punishes Fauzia as Fauzia is outspoken and rebellious.