When the Door Opened

When the Door Opened is a 1925 American silent drama film directed by Reginald Barker and starring Jacqueline Logan, Walter McGrail, Margaret Livingston, Robert Cain, Frank Keenan and Roy Laidlaw. It was written by Bradley King. The film was released on December 6, 1925, by Fox Film Corporation.


As described in a review in a film magazine, Clive Grenfel (McGrail) returning home unexpectedly saw "when the door opened" his wife in another man's arms. He kills this man Fredericks and seeks solace in the northwoods where he meets stern old De Fontenac (Keenan), a courtly gentleman of the old school, and his beautiful granddaughter Teresa (Logan) who falls in love with him. Believing himself a murderer, Clive fights against this love. A stranger appears and turns out to be a villain and Clive finally learns he is really Fredericks and that he has married Clive's wive who secured a divorce.

    More details

    director Reginald Barker
    genre drama
    keywords married
    productionCompany Fox Film
    publisher Fox Film Corporation
    theme northern