Welcome Home is a 2018 drama thriller film also known as The Getaway and directed by George Ratliff, starring Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski as a couple attempting to solve their personal problems with a romantic trip to Italy. Riccardo Scamarcio appears in a supporting role as Federico.


Bryan and Cassie are a couple who decide to stay in a house in Umbria. They are trying to mend their relationship, after Cassie was caught having drunken sex with a co-worker. Since then, Bryan has become impotent. Cassie goes out for a run, and falls down and injures her ankle. She flags down a passing truck, and a handsome Italian named Federico stops and helps her. He gives her a ride back, and then offers to give them a ride to town the next day. They agree, and spend an awkward ride there the next day. Bryan accuses Cassie of not being able to see how Federico looks at her with lust; disgusted, Cassie leaves to go back to the house. Bryan gets drunk at a bar, Federico joins him. Federico invites two ladies to help Bryan back to a hotel. Bryan and the two ladies end up having sex. Bryan, due to Federico surreptitiously drugging his drink at the bar, has no memory of this and takes a taxi home.