Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?

Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?

Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo? is a 2010 Indian Konkani language film written and directed by Sharon Mazarello. The film also features Mazarello in the lead role. The story is about infidelity, from the perspective of the woman. It was produced by Mazarello and her husband, Wilmix Mazarello, under the banner of ShaMaz Films. The film premiered at the Cinescope Metro in Kuwait on 22 October 2010, marking the 60th anniversary of the release of Mogacho Anvddo, the first Konkani film. With this film, Mazarello became the first woman to direct a Konkani movie.


Shaina (Sharon Mazarello) and Johnny (Pradip Naik) are a newly wed couple. Johnny always goes abroad for long trips, leaving his wife behind. She then bonds with Johnny's good friend Sammy (Franky Gonsalves), and she eventually ends up cheating on Johnny with Sammy.


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    contentLocation Goa
    director Sharon Mazarello
    keywords cheat
    musicBy Balthazar Fernandes
    productionCompany ShaMaz Films