A Simple Noodle Story

A Simple Noodle Story

A Simple Noodle Story, internationally A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop. (Blood Simple in the UK) is a 2009 film directed by Zhang Yimou. It is a remake of Blood Simple, the 1984 debut of the Coen brothers, whose films Zhang Yimou lists as among his favorites. The film transports the original film's plot from a town in Texas to a noodle shop in a small desert town in Gansu province.


Set in a Chinese noodle shop in the desert, the restaurant owner plans to murder his adulterous wife and her lover.


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    contentLocation China
    director Zhang Yimou
    editor Meng Peicong
    genre comedy-drama crime thriller
    keywords adulterous adulterous wife adultery desert restaurant owner
    musicBy Zhao Lin
    producer William Kong
    productionCompany Beijing New Picture Co.
    publisher EDKO Film