Hideous! is a 1997 Comedy horror film about several elite human oddity collectors and traders who find themselves locked in a castle with several mutated creatures come to life.


Martin, a questionable water sanitation worker, finds a strange, fleshy organism in a water treatment tank and contacts Belinda Yost, seller of animal and human oddities at International Medical Specimens Inc. (IMSI). After speaking with Martin, Yost rushes out excitedly telling Elvina Shaw, her incompetent receptionist, to arrange a meeting with Mr. Napoleon Lazar, a high level corporate executive. Instead, Elvina calls Dr. Emilio Lorca, another oddities buyer who pays extra for an exclusive “first look” at her new specimens, and tells him Yost’s plans. Lorca talks with his assistant, Sheila, and together they plot against Yost/Lazar’s treachery. Yost meets Lazar in the cold storage level of IMSI, pays off Martin for the item, and secures a deal with Lazar: a check for $650,000 and a signed contract to spend a minimum of $200,000/year with her for the next 10 years.