Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog

Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog is 1995 adventure film starring Jesse Bradford and directed by Phillip Borsos, which was his final film. Its cumulative box office earnings were $11,642,946 according to Box Office Mojo.


Fifteen-year-old Angus McCormick (Jesse Bradford) lives near a small town in British Columbia, Canada with his parents and eight-year-old brother Silas. Nowadays, he either runs his paper route to earn his savings, learns wilderness survival skills from his father, or spends time with his friends David and Sara (Margot Finley). One afternoon, while gathering up firewood near the house, Angus finds a stray Yellow Labrador Retriever and begs his parents to let him keep him. Angus' parents, John and Katherine McCormick, agree that Angus can keep the stray on the condition that he takes full responsibility in taking care of the dog, who Angus names Yellow.