Amelia and Michael

Amelia and Michael is a 2007 British drama short film directed by Daniel Cormack, starring Anthony Head and Natasha Powell and executive produced by Richard Johns.


Amelia (Natasha Powell) and Michael (Anthony Head), a smartly dressed middle aged couple, sit in silence in the back of a chauffeur-driven sedan as it pulls up at the lights beside a motorcycle. Arriving outside a restaurant, Amelia kisses Michael goodbye and walks towards the entrance. When the sedan is out of sight, Amelia removes her wedding ring and hails a cab to an alternative destination. Back in his office, Michael is interrupted by his colleague Francis (Julian Lee) in the middle of booking an anniversary meal and hotel room for Friday. On Friday morning, Michael leaves for a business trip to Milan, giving Amelia some flowers before he departs. Once he has gone, Amelia travels to the hospital bedside of an incapacitated young man on whose table is a photo of Amelia and the man astride a motorcycle. Meeting with a consultant afterwards she signs consent forms for his care. Meanwhile, Michael is not in Milan, but at the restaurant he booked the previous day where he meets a call-girl who he later sleeps with in his hotel room. Restlessly trying to sleep after she leaves, he is interrupted by a phone call from Francis, who has discovered his whereabouts in order to urgently discuss 'the Thompson case'. Michael returns home the next morning and exchanges pleasantries with Amelia whilst opening his post, before taking a bath. While tidying away the opened mail, Amelia discovers Michael's unused passport in a kitchen drawer, but before she can confront him, she receives a phone call from the hospital. Dashing to the bedside of the incapacitated man, she arrives too late; discovering the man has died and the nurses are changing the sheets in preparation for the next patient. Returning home that evening, she bursts into tears. Michael – who has discovered his passport out on the kitchen table and believes he has been caught out – assumes she is upset at his infidelity. He apologises and embraces Amelia, who does not reveal the true cause of her upset. In the final scene, Amelia and Michael sit in silence in the sedan as a motorcycle pulls up beside them at the lights.