The Secret World of Og

The Secret World of Og is a 1983 animated film produced by Hanna-Barbera's Australian subsidiary (Hanna-Barbera Australia Pty. Ltd.) and based on the 1961 children's novel of the same name by Pierre Berton. It originally aired in three parts on ABC Weekend Special series on April 30, May 7 and 14, 1983.


A small green elfin creature visits a family of five young siblings (Penny, Pamela, Peter, Patsy and Pollywog) and their pets (Yukie, a dog and Earless, a cat) to help himself to their comic books. The children follow the creature through a secret downward passageway into a colorful underground realm of Og, a world of small green people who love games of make-believe. The inhabitants of this mushroom town mimic the characters of the children's favorite comic books. After the children and their pets survive several fantastic escapades, the Ogians enlist them to help save Og from the dreaded Snake People. But the children, unlike the Ogians, understand the difference between fantasy and reality, and when they expose the Snake People as mere comic book characters, the Ogians let them go free, all the wiser after their first visit to the Secret World of Og.


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    genre fantasy
    keywords comic book sibling
    publisher American Broadcasting Company
    theme animated