Die gefrorenen Blitze

Die gefrorenen Blitze (Frozen Lightning; English-language title: Frozen Flashes; French-language title: Et l'Angleterre sera détruite, England Shall Be Destroyed) is a two-part 1967 East-German film. The plot revolves around the history of the resistance movement in Peenemünde during the Second World War and its attempt to sabotage the V-2 program.


on 5 November 1939, the British consulate in Norway receives the Oslo Report, but the Military Intelligence doubts its veracity. The German research in Peenemünde goes undisturbed from the British. In spite of this, various resistance groups gather information about the site and attempt to hinder the missiles' development, taking great risks.

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    director János Veiczi
    editor Ruth Ebel
    events World War II
    keywords abandon bomb end oslo report rock
    musicBy Günter Hauk
    producer Erich Kühne
    productionCompany DEFA
    publisher Progress Film
    theme spy war