Kiev Day and Night

Kiev Day and Night (Ukrainian: КИЇВ ВДЕНЬ ТА ВНОЧІ) is a Ukrainian scripted reality television series based on 2011 German series Berlin – Tag & Nacht. The initial principal casts were Oksana Avram, Bogdan Sheludyak and Karina Gavrilyuk until 2017. When the series was rebooted with season 5, premiering on August 28, 2018, several lead and recurring characters were replaced, and removed, leaving the main cast of season 5 as Alina London, Anastasia Durkot and Maxim Sosnovsky. Alina Break, Oleksandr Voronyi, Pavel Sergienko and Nazar Kukharenko reprised their role from past seasons. It was filmed in Kyiv and broadcast on Novyi Kanal from March 8, 2016 to January 8, 2019 at 9:00 to 21:00 timeslot.


A group of four young friends—Karina, Albina, Bogdan and Sasha—rent an apartment in twenty-fourth floor. The people live with socially gathering in one room. Bogdan, a photographer, and Karina, a singer dwell in one room, where they live as couple, whereas Albina and Sasha lodged separately. Bogdan informs Oksana to live in the apartment while she boarding in train to Kyiv. As she arrived, her luggage is stolen while she buys something from shop. Oksana greets with Sasha and Albina, while Karina doubts she is to be Bogdan's new girlfriend and develops more animosity towards her. Karina displeased about their relationship and frequently schemes against her and others, therefore changing to malevolent. When Oksana notice Bogdan starts sex with multiple women, she leaves him and meets with Pasha, who works in garage and he had reluctantly engages with Rita, a daughter of businessman named Andrei (appears at the end of season 3). Nevertheless, Oksana continues dating with him and spent a romantic periods and finally they get married. They have almost a happy life until Pasha betrayed her, he secretly has had an extramarital relation with other women. Oksana finds out his all scandals, devorce him.