The Boogens is a 1981 American monster film directed by James L. Conway and starring Rebecca Balding, Fred McCarren, Anne-Marie Martin, Jeff Harlan, John Crawford, Med Flory, Jon Lormer, and Scott Wilkinson. The title refers to scaly turtle-like monsters that are released from an abandoned and boarded-up silver mine, and begin to wreak havoc.


A small construction team of four men work to reopen an abandoned silver mine, 100 years after a mysterious massacre forced the military to shut it down. What they don't know is that their excavating has inadvertently freed some reptilian creatures lurking deep within the mine shafts.

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    director James L. Conway
    editor Michael Spence
    genre horror
    keywords abandon force lurk mine shaft silver mine
    musicBy Bob Summers
    producer Charles Sellier
    productionCompany Taft International Pictures
    publisher Sunn Classic Pictures
    theme monster movie