Baliyo Ghar Progam

Baliyo Ghar Progam

The devastating Earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015 ravaged mid-Nepal killing nine thousands more people and ruined eight hundred thousand more houses with a massive scale of widespread damage on livelihood, public and private infrastructure. What ensued was a government-led owner driven reconstruction process that created a huge need for technical support in all sectors including policy formulation, strengthen local capacities and enhancing awareness among those affected by the earthquake particularly on housing sector. With a vision of Building Back Better, National Society for Earthquake Technology - Nepal (NSET) with support from USAID envisioned and implemented Baliyo Ghar Program, a 5 year comprehensive technical assistance program with a goal of promoting safer housing reconstruction through owner driven approaches. Baliyo Ghar, works in three tiers of government structure; national, district and local level.


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