Ajaaib is a 2000 Maldivian drama film written and directed by Haajara Abdul Kareem. Produced by Hussain Rasheed under Farivaa Films, the film stars Ahmed Asim, Mariyam Nazima, Koyya Hassan Manik and Waleedha Waleed in pivotal roles. It was released on 10 April 2000.


Aadhanu (Koyya Hassan Manik), happily married to Mareena (Sakeena Dhon Ali) and living with their two children, decides to relocate himself to Male' in order to acquire some funds needed to renovate his house. Rasheedha (Waleedha Waleed), a divorcee who is looking after her aged mother, Aisa Manike (Haajara Abdul Kareem) allows him to stay at her house as a tenant. Aadhanu and Rasheedha marries on Mareena's approval though Mareena's mother (Haajara Abdul Kareem) tried to talk her out of it.


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    director Haajara Abdul Kareem
    editor Mohamed Abdul Hakeem
    genre drama
    keywords married
    musicBy Mohamed Abdul Hakeem
    producer Hussain Rasheed
    productionCompany Farivaa Films