Doggone Cats (reissued as Dog Gone Cats), is a 1947 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Arthur Davis. The short was released on October 25, 1947, and stars Sylvester.


Wellington the dog is given a package to deliver to Uncle Louie, with strict instructions not to let go of it. Sylvester and his brother Alan (although not officially named), both of whom Wellington has been tormenting, see this as their chance to get even. They try multiple ways to get him to drop the package (one of which is disguising a cigarette from pepper and using it to make him sneeze), but Wellington always outsmarts them. Besides repeatedly filching the package, at one point they drop a duplicate off a bridge. Wellington still manages to retrieve the package a few times, but never for as long as he hopes for. At the end of the cartoon, Wellington finally arrives at Uncle Louie's, but is upset when he finds out that the package contains dinner for the two cats. Realizing that he had been a "jackass" through the whole thing, Wellington slams his head against the mailbox and crowns himself with garbage can lids.


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    director Arthur Davis
    keywords end garbage can
    musicBy Carl Stalling
    producer Edward Selzer
    publisher Warner Bros. Pictures
    theme animated animated short cartoon