The Third Eye

The Third Eye

The Third Eye is a 1920 American film serial directed by James W. Horne. The film is considered to be lost.


As described in a film publication, Curtis Steele (Oland), a society man at a film studio, has been pursuing actress Rita Moreland (Percy) and confronts her at the studio with the intention of making love to her. She repulses him and during the struggle shoots him. Steele staggers forward and collapses. She is terrified as she thought that the revolver had been loaded with blanks. As she bends over him, he leaps to his feet and with a sneering remark leaves. Later that night Rita is informed that Steele was found at the studio shot through the heart, and that there is a film showing Steel chasing her and then her shooting him. The serial then develops around Rita, her sweetheart, a villain, and the mystery of who killed Steele, who made the film, and attempts to obtain the film.

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    director James W. Horne
    keywords kill load shoot
    productionCompany Astra Film Corporation
    publisher Pathé