Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima is an Indian Hindi-language social drama television series, which premiered on 3 February 2020 on Star Bharat. It stars Poulomi Das who plays the role of a girl who has a dusky complexion who has to fight the social norm of not being fair-skinned in India. It is a remake of Marathi serial Rang Maza Vegala from Star Pravah which itself is an adaptation of Asianet series Karuthamuthu.


Purnima was treated unfairly from a young age because of her dark complexion. One day, young Purnima gives her trophy for the student of the year to her fair-complexioned step-sister, Shanaya, but is later caught as someone comes from her school revealing the truth. Purnima's father stands for Purnima and asks Shanaya to apologise but she refuses. Later, her step-mother, who prefers her own daughter, abandons young Purnima at the Golden Temple. In search of her mother, young Purnima meets young Kartik who gives her a bangle saying the bracelet will give her protection. Kartik's mother gets angry as her son is talking to a girl of dark complexion and middle-class. Purnima, nonetheless, reaches home and takes the blame of being a butterfly. Her father talks to her about how the way you act matters more than the colour of someone's skin complexion.