Billie Jean, Look at Me

Billie Jean, Look at Me is a South Korean television series that aired from December 26, 2006 to February 6, 2007 on MBC.


Yoo Bang-hee's (Park Hee-von) Prince Charming is teen idol Choi Hye-Seong (Lee Ji-hoon), not exactly the most approachable person. Turning her one-sided love into near stalking, Bang-Hee ends up ruining Hye-Seong's young career by revealing information she shouldn't have to the public. Eight years pass by, and Hye-Seong is still suffering from that failure, roaming the streets aimlessly when a familiar face suddenly appears. Bang-Hee, now an assistant writer for a Star Making Project, promises she'll make up for all her mistakes by making Hye-Seong a star.