Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark is an American sitcom television series that aired on NBC for one season from October 29, 1981 to July 30, 1982. The series stars Gabe Kaplan (who also created the series) and Guich Koock.


For a native New Yorker, Stewart Lewis (Gabe Kaplan) has a strange—some would say twisted—ambition: he wants to own a country-music club. His wife and kids hate the idea. Despite their misgivings, Stewart moves his family to Luckenbach, Texas, where he bought the Nassau County Cafe, a joint that has had nine owners in the last six years and sports a sign that says "Always Under New Management". While his sidekick Roscoe Clark (Guich Koock) stands by, Stewart lets fly one-liners and bad puns.