YooHoo & Friends

YooHoo & Friends

YooHoo & Friends is an American animated children's television adaptation of the 2009 Korean TV series of the same name, created by David Feiss. It is the second TV series based on the YooHoo & Friends franchise. Changes to the original series were made to better fit western television, such as the series' premise, a story about a group of humans who are turned into animals by Father Time. The series debuted on Cartoon Network in Latin America on January 8, 2012.


YooHoo & Friends is about five executives who work for Nasty Corp. When Mother Nature notices they've been slowly destroying the world, she pressures Father Time to stop them from polluting the Earth by turning them into five cuddly baby animals. Together, Lemmee the sourpuss, Roodee the inventor, Pammee the princess, Chewoo the optimist, and YooHoo the leader save the world from all the environmental disasters they caused as their human-selves, in return for the gemstones Father Time planted in the locations they visit. When all of the gems are found, the Furry 5 can make a wish to become human again.