The Woman in the Hall

The Woman in the Hall

The Woman in the Hall is a 1947 British drama film directed by Jack Lee and starring Ursula Jeans, Jean Simmons, Cecil Parker. The screenplay was written by Jack Lee, Ian Dalrymple and Gladys Bronwyn Stern, from Stern's novel. It was released in 1947.


Lorna Blake (Ursula Jeans) is a widow with two daughters. She augments her slender income by using her children to extort money, visiting the houses of the rich to tell a pathetic story and beg for help.

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    contentLocation England
    director Jack Lee
    editor John Krish
    genre drama
    keywords arrest
    musicBy Temple Abady
    producer Ian Dalrymple
    productionCompany Wessex Film Productions
    publisher General Film Distributors
    recordedAt Pinewood Studios