Intan is a 2006–2007 Indonesian soap opera starring Naysilla Mirdad, Dude Harlino, Glenn Alinskie, Ingka Noverita, Meriam Bellina, Nani Widjaja, Ninok Wiryono, Umar Lubis, Anwar Fuady, Nunu Datau, Farah Debby, Vera Detty, and Rama Michael. Written by Serena Luna and directed by Doddy Djanas. Produced by SinemArt Production. It aired on RCTI from 6 November 2006 to 22 July 2007 on Mondays to Sundays at 18:00–19:00 WIB, 19:00–20:00 WITA, and 20:00–21:00 WIT for 263 episodes.

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    publisher Media Nusantara Citra RCTI