Deadly Manor (also known as Savage Lust) is a 1990 Spanish-American slasher film directed by José Ramón Larraz and starring Clark Tufts, Greg Rhodes, and Claudia Franjul. It follows a group of teenagers who seek refuge in an abandoned mansion inhabited by a psychotic killer.


Two couples—Tony and Helen, and Rod and Susan—are traveling via car through upstate New York to visit a lake, with their friends, couple Peter and Anne, following behind on a motorcycle. En route, the group pick up Jack, a hitchhiker who claims to be familiar with the area, but is in reality an escaped convict. As night falls and they fail to arrive at the lake, Rod decides to pull off onto a side road and camp overnight. At the end of the winding road, they come across an abandoned house and decide to spend the night there. In the yard, the group find a burned, damaged car oddly parked atop a stone monument. Inside is a photo of a beautiful young woman, along with articles of clothing; they determine it to be a bizarre shrine of some sort.