He Who Can't Marry

He Who Can't Marry

He Who Can't Marry is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Ji Jin-hee, Uhm Jung-hwa, Kim So-eun, Yoo Ah-in and Yang Jung-a. A romantic comedy about an extremely stubborn and inflexible 40-year-old bachelor, it is a remake of the 2006 Japanese drama Kekkon Dekinai Otoko.


Architect Jae-hee (Ji Jin-hee) has the looks and the money, but he's over forty and still a bachelor. Despite being great marriage material on paper, his blunt personality and precise lifestyle turn women off. Jae-hee just can't seem to get married—until he meets his equal, single 40-year-old doctor Moon-jung (Uhm Jung-hwa), who spends most of her time at work doing overtime and covering for colleagues. Romance may be in the air yet for the unmarriageable Jae-hee, but there's also his longtime colleague Ki-ran (Yang Jung-a) and young neighbor Yoo-jin (Kim So-eun) to consider.